One of Dundun’s best featues is her “Tuxedo”. It looks as if she wears a perfectly fit tuxedo which makes her so elegant and classy.


Dundun entered my life on Thursday, March 11 of 2010. Our friend Runchuan raised her for two years before he gave Dundun to us, and before that Dundun allegedly was raised by his friend for two years since she was born. Runchuan was relocating out of the country for good due to a job change, therefore we decided to welcome Dundun into our house and to provide her a life-time of love and care.

Dundun was very friendly initially but upon realizing that she was about to get left behind yet again, she rushed to hide herself underneath our sofa as soon as our friend left. However, being such a loving creation and full of affection for people, she came out and started to show her belly to us as a sign of trust on her second day 🙂



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