A friend of my husband has decided to go back to China to pursue his next adventure, leaving behind a 4-year old female cat named Dundun. When Dundun was brought to our house last Thursday, she seemed quite comfortable and started exploring our house immediately. It wasn’t until our friend was about to leave, she suddenly realized her trusted owner was about to take off and leave her behind. She fled to hide herself under the couch and didn’t come out no matter what tricks we used. After my friend left, Dundun stayed behind our TV table the whole night looking very sad and scared.

Things got better on the second day. Dundun started to show signs of affection towards us: she followed me all the time, sitting on my lap and showing her belly constantly! She sleeps all the time and eats very little, so I try to feed her by holding food in my hand and serve her (jeez!). What I love the most about Dundun is her innocent little face! She seems lonely when we do not play with her. Hope she gets used to her new home and family members soon!


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